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ALLOW Ensembles


The objective of ALLOW Ensembles is to develop a new design principle for large-scale collective systems (CAS) based on the concepts of cells and ensembles. Cells are basic building blocks representing the different components of the system and ensembles are collections of cells collaborating together to accomplish certain goal in a given context. We use Adaptive Pervasive Flows – a programming paradigm based on workflow technology for pervasive systems – to model the behavior of cells as a set of interrelated tasks. This enables the salient principle of cell specialization. It allows for changing the behavior of the individual cell (tasks and order of execution) to fit into an ensemble and to achieve a given goal with high utility in collaboration with other cells of the ensemble. The ALLOW Ensembles concepts will be investigated on the basis of two scenarios that become increasingly relevant on the European scale: Integrated urban mobility and smart production chains.

Friday, 1 February, 2013
36 Months

USTUTT-IPVS (Lead), USTUTT-IAAS, DFKI, FBK-SOA, Imperial College, University of Crete

FET - Future and Emerging Technologies - FP7