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CLIMB is a local project, in collaboration with Comune di Trento, aiming at promoting children's independent and active mobility.

EIT Digital project aiming at the development of a Mobility as A Service Platform for the provisioning of innovative, contextualized, and personalized mobility services. Within SMALL we are extending our Gamification Framework for Smart Cities to support automatic generation of personalized game experience and evaluating it through an in-the-field long-running game promoting sustainable mobility in the Trento area.

The objective of ALLOW Ensembles is to develop a new design principle for large-scale collective systems (CAS) based on the concepts of cells and ensembles. Cells are basic building blocks representing the different components of the system and ensembles are collections of cells collaborating together to accomplish certain goal in a given context.

The goal of the STREETLIFE project is the reduction of carbon emissions through a sustainable mobility concept in cities based on ICT. In particular, the aim of the project is to reduce the number of car trips by i) informing commuters about the existing transport alternatives and their real value (in terms of time, cost, carbon footprint), ii) enhancing public transport to meet the needs of the citizens and of the city, iii) promoting the usage of sustainable transports through (virtual or real) incentives.