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Internet of Services

The main challenge of Internet of Service (IoS) is to give to billions of interested users a transparent, seamless, and trustworthy access to the millions of services available on the Web and on mobile phones. However, most existing solutions inherit the lack of dynamicity and flexibility of traditional desktop applications, and are still not able to fully exploit the potentialities of the IoS revolution, that is, accessing the services you want, where you are, and when you need them. This problem cannot be handled by simply extending existing serviced-oriented approaches, since it requires a paradigm shift from software services to real world services, from application-centered services to user-centered services, from Intranet to Internet.

The main aim of the DAS unit is to investigate novel approaches to service composition centered on the user, her activities and her goals, providing methodologies and techniques to exploit the existing real world services (not only software services, but also services provided by smart objects, sensors, and people) and to provide value added services that are composed, contextualized and customized at run time for a specific situation and user’s needs. A key application domain is smart/digital cities with particular emphasis on intelligent transportation.

Research topics: