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YourWay! is a bilateral three-year project between between the Service-Oriented Research Unit of FBK-IRST and DoCoMo Euro-Labs. This collaboration aims at the smart combination of task- and resource-driven service composition as a new paradigm for user-centric service provisioning in mobile environments. Service provisioning in mobile environments is characterized by a high level of heterogeneity both at the level of the supporting network as well of the tasks that the user needs to accomplish. Therefore solutions for service provisioning should consist in techniques and tools that provide advanced support for a user-centered, user- driven, automated composition of heterogeneous, distributed, emergent services in suitable compositions. The composition has to be user-centered and user-driven since the decisions and the control of the composition has to be of the user. It has to be automated since all the technical details on how the composition is implemented and enacted have to be hidden to the user. User centered service provisioning aims at satisfying all these requirements supporting the end user in her interaction with an increasing number of services.

Concretely, YourWay! aims at enabling a framework to support the delivery of end user services in mobile environments, such that (a) services built with different purposes and by different parties can be automatically integrated in the framework, (b) the continual automatic adaptation of service compositions is supported, account for the evolution of user contexts, and (c) the user is given support in taking decisions, staying in the loop and has maintaining full control on the operations of his/her mobile handset.


FBK-SOA, DoCoMo Euro-Labs

Joint project between SOA Unit of FBK and DoCoMo Euro-Labs