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SLA@SOI: Empowering the service industry with SLA-aware infrastructures

The challenge addressed by this project was the need for a service-oriented infrastructure (SOI) that supports consistent SLA management across the various perspectives of the stakeholders involved in a given application, across all layers of an IT stack, and across multiple non-functional domains such as security, performance, availability, reliability. The concept of this project was a systematic grounding of SLAs from the business level down to the physical infrastructure. This way, SLAs can be ultimately enforced or at least automatically adjusted at the lowest possible level, namely the physical infrastructure, and can also be managed along complete service value chains involving various different providers.

Jun 1st 2008 – Jul 31st 2011

SAP (Lead), FZI, Engineering, GPI, Intel, TU Dortmund, XLAB, City University, FBK, Telefonica, Politecnico di Milano

Integrated Project (IP) within the FP7