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eTerritory, Trento-RISE EIT Carrier Project

The objective is to investigate a territorial platform that facilitates the massive delivery of services to citizens, tourists, business and government, exploiting all the different systems that contribute to a territory, and answering to the wide range of needs of the territory. To this purpose, the project will deliver:

  • Territory-wide service delivery platform. This platform shall (1) enable the reuse of existing systems, services and data sources made available on the territory; (2) allow the re-usage, extension and composition of these systems, services and data sources; and, on top of this, (3) support the flexible provision of value-added citizen centric services. Within the scope of the project, we will deliver: the architecture and design of the platform; a prototype implementation to be used for evaluation purposes.

  • End-to-end security and trust solutions. A necessary condition for the acceptance of the proposed solution is to ensure end-to-end security and trust (including access control and privacy) in the delivery of services. Within the scope of the project, we will deliver: models, methods and techniques to achieve these security and trust requirements; in particular, we will investigate systematic security analysis techniques for the eTerritory platform, in order to unveil unknown weakness or certify their absence.

  • HCI technologies for citizen centric service delivery. Innovative HCI techniques are a key factor for easing and streamlining the usage of the proposed services, and hence for facilitating their adoption. Within the scope of the project, we will evaluate the HCI techniques investigated in the scope of the “HCI technologies for the digital cities of the future” (link to HCI page). This evaluation will be both in terms of usability by the citizens and in terms of development costs by the service provider.

  • Adoption scenarios. One or more scenarios, which are suitable for adoption of the eTerritory solutions, will be identified and defined. This includes the identification of suitable existing systems, services and data sources, as well as the definition of a set of value added citizen centric services to be delivered through the platform. Prototypical implementations will also be delivered.

March 1st – Dec 31st 2012